• Alphachannel

    Alphachannel is a growing company of artisans, driven wholly by creativity and a true passion for our craft. Utilizing decades worth of expertise in the animation and VFX industries, we strive to follow a more personal approach to projects. Our services range from storyboarding, concept art and previsualization, to post cleanup, virtual sets, character creation, animation and compositing.

  • Paul Brogren

    Co-founder/VFX Supervisor

    Beyond being an advanced 3D animator, Paul has had the experience of being an animation project manager, storyboard artist and a professional actor before launching Alphachannel. With this broad range of experience Paul has worked closely with a wide range of professionals, in front and behind the camera, from pre to post production.

  • Matt Goldblatt

    Lead Animator/Compositor

    Matt has had the unique privilege of working around the world as an animator and animation director, giving him a unique insight into global trends within the industry. He has accumulated over a decade of experience in almost every facet of the craft, ranging from digital sculpting to directing entire productions.